Friday, April 10, 2015


Last week, a friend of mine invited me to join her Insanity boot camp class. She has been taking it for a while, but said that I could definitely do it. Because of my push to my 30th birthday and that this 6-week class fit so nicely into that timeframe, I decided to go for it. I didn't look up Insanity before the class because well, I was afraid of psyching myself out.

As the class neared, I started to really get into my head about it. The same doubts that creep up every time I do something for the first time. I went for my daily lunch walk on Wednesday and listened to the #WYCWYC podcast and realized exactly that... I would #wycwyc the Insanity class. I knew I wasn't going to be able to do all the moves -- but I decided to do what I could. I was going to give it my all and that was going to be enough. And you know what happened? I didn't do all the moves. I did a lot of modifications. I had to stop a couple times to let my heart catch up. But that was ok. I did the class, I survived, and my triceps are still sore!! Next week, I'll be able to do a little more than I did today and by the time the 6 weeks are done, I'll be exponentially better than I was this week.

My goal for the class is, by the 6th week, to be able to do the full 30 seconds of burpees. That seems reasonable, no?

Monday, April 6, 2015

This week's plan

So far, so good, on the healthy push to my 30th birthday.

I was totally on point during the week - both with exercise and food. This weekend I took Saturday "off" of counting calories -- I was celebrating my anniversary and I didn't want to be tied to the numbers. I made good life decisions and didn't eat everything put in front of me - so over all, it was a success. I don't feel bad at all for my choices. Easter was the same way - I didn't deprive, but I didn't binge.

Last week was the first time I got to put $5 in my money jar for not binging in a really long time - so I was proud.

This week, I've got some high goals. Lots of fitness-related things happening, so I hope I survive.

  • Monday - Walk before work and at lunch; Trainer after work, then Zumba.
  • Tuesday -  Walk before work, at lunch, and after work. No formal exercise.
  • Wednesday - Walk before work and at lunch; Insantity Boot Camp after work; Zumba if I'm not dead.
  • Thursday - Newbies week with a local running group. I'm going to check them out -- will probably run 3-4 miles.
  • Friday - Walk before work and at lunch (depending on Judge's schedule); Trainer after work
  • Saturday - Either just walking or a run, depending on how I'm feeling.
  • Sunday - Whatever I didn't do on Saturday

It's a lot happening -- two sessions with my trainer, the first class of the boot camp my friend invited me to, AND the running group. Oh, and my sisters are doing a plank-a-day challenge, so I've got that to do too. I'm going to be SORE this week.

I also need to focus on my eating -- Easter candy is my favorite, so I need to keep it in check and moderation.

What are your goals/plans for the week?

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March Recap

This morning I weighed in for my Dietbet game -- 234.2 lbs. Did I make goal? Not even close. Am I down from where I was on March 1? Yes (just barely). Honestly, at this point, I need to consider that a success. Maintaining is better than gaining.

March was tough. I got off track at the beginning of the month, traveled a lot, and just overall wasn't doing what I needed to lose weight. I've recommitted and now have a plan (see my last post) -- and I'm ready to lose some more weight. I have a goal of 219 lbs by my 30th birthday (May 15) -- which is about 6 weeks away. 15 lbs in 6 weeks is a little bit of a stretch, but I really think it's doable.

I know at this point it's a mental game -- I can physically do what I need to be doing -- but getting my mind into it -- convincing myself that I DON'T need that snack or that I WON'T die if I keep running -- is what I need to work on now. The last week, I've gotten much better at telling myself NO -- no need for fast food on my way home, I have stuff in the fridge. No need to get a snack after going out for lunch with a friend because I just ate and I'm not hungry and even if I was, I have healthy snacks back in the office. No slacking off on exercise just because I'm feeling lazy.

I decided to join a second Dietbet Transformer this morning -- to give me that extra push that I need. And to make sure I keep losing even after I meet my 10% with the first Transformer. This month I have to lose 7.4lbs, which can happen. I can do this.

Monday, March 30, 2015

46 days

As of today, there are 46 days until my 30th birthday. Unlike many other people that are staring down their 30th birthdays, I'm not dreading it. My life is in a really good place right now and I honestly don't have anything serious to complain about. I have no reason to think that my 30s are going to be any worse than my 20s. Honestly? They're probably going to be way better because my 20s kinda sucked.

My goal for the next 46 days is to go into my 30s in the best possible shape I can be in. I've got a plan (I love having plans, I'm 100% Type A).
  • When it's not raining and less than 90 degrees, I want to go for a walk before work (assuming I get downtown in time) and a walk during lunch. This morning I got 4000 additional steps in just by going for a 45 minute walk before work. I'll have to figure out what to do once the temperature gets high enough that walking outside at those time would mean being covered in sweat. Because no one at my office wants that!
  • No going out before/during the workday for snacks. This is a dirty little habit of mine and it really needs to stop. I bring enough healthy food with me to work each day to survive the day. There's no need to get more.
  • Solo meals out should only be pre-planned (and when it's not possible to get home for a meal). Meals out with others should be in moderation.
  • I started working out with my personal trainer again on Friday (I worked with him for a time last summer). This is my birthday present to myself -- I'm committing to 2 months, and then we'll see where the budget is after that. My goal is to work with him twice a week.
I'd like to be at 219lbs by the time my birthday comes around (originally, I wanted to be at 199, but that's not realistic at this point).

46 days is not that long. It's less than 7 weeks. A lot of good can happen in 7 weeks if I just commit to making it happen. Here's my commitment.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Successful Trip

Last weekend, I headed to South Dakota (where I grew up) for my little sister's bridal shower. I'm the Maid of Honor, so I was throwing the shower (with some serious help from my other sister and a family friend). Thankfully, the shower went off without any MAJOR problems.

This morning, I jumped on the scale. My eating hasn't been on point lately, so I had no idea what to expect. I was at 236.6. Slightly up from last week, but the same as I was two weeks ago. Overall, I'm fine with it. It's not helping my DietBet cause, but the fact that I've more or less maintained this month is pretty amazing in its own right.

What I was most impressed with, though, is that I managed to go to South Dakota and not gain a ton. My whole childhood was unhealthy. I was over 200 lbs in middle school and by the time I headed off to college, I was at my highest weight ever, 294. I can't blame it all on my mom/her cooking (or lack there of) because I know I did plenty of my own damage at convenience stores and fast food drive thrus -- but either way, South Daktoa was not a healthy place for me. While I've changed a lot about my eating and exercise routine since moving away, South Dakota (and my mom) have largely stayed the same.

There was plenty of unhealthy food for the taking -- and I did. There were two trips to Taco John's (yummm) and donuts and drinks and all of the things. But there was moderation. And balancing the unhealthy with fruits and vegetables. And making better decisions than I normally would have(#wycwyc anyone?). And, my favorite part? There was a sister run in there too. My older sister just had a baby in January and was recently cleared to workout -- so we took advantage of it! we did 3.5 miles in total (although there were a couple walks in there). I love that health and fitness is something that two of my sisters and I have embraced over the years and I love that it is something that we can do that still qualifies as bonding.

So I'm chalking the trip up as a success and remembering that Taco John's is a once or twice a year splurge and that it's OK.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Man. It's been 5 weeks since I last updated? I suck at this blog thing. Life has been crazy, I haven't been super healthy lately (I've maintained, but not lost), blah blah blah. You've read it all before. Probably even on this blog.

Well, after a bad week last week -- seriously, it was just one thing after another -- I'm trying to get back on plan this week. I ate mostly on point yesterday and I got out for a walk at lunch and a short walk after work. And then Zumba. I KILLED it at Zumba last night -- I was on FIRE. I don't know what got into me -- but I was having so much fun. It had been probably 2 weeks since I had made a class (between ice storms and things popping into my schedule) -- so I was ready to have a good time, and I did! I love that I can be my ridiculous, bad-dancer self. I don't care. It's fun and I have no shame.

Anyway -- the reason I came back today was because I had to write about #wycwyc (wick wick!). Two bloggers I've followed for years (Roni and Carla) coined this term a while back and I LOVE IT. #wycwyc stands for "What you can, when you can" and means exactly that -- you do what you can, when you can. Whether it is "I can fit a 10 minute workout in between meetings" or "I'm going to have a small french fry instead of a large" or something entirely different, it's all about what works for YOU. It's not a new concept -- people have been doing this for years -- but finally, it has a name! And a hashtag! And a website!

Roni and Carla started a #wycwyc podcast which I also love. I love when blogs come to life. When I listen to the podcast, I feel like I'm just sitting there next to them, just three friends chatting. It's fantastic.

Well, I decided something. I decided to stockpile the #wycwyc podcasts and only listen to them when I get up for my 430/5am runs. I listen to a podcast on every run -- but what works for a 6pm run (Jillian Michaels, Dan Savage, This American Life) does NOT work at 430am when I'm still 90% asleep. When I have to get up that early to run (today it's because I have a networking meeting after work) -- I need that extra push. It's nice to have Roni and Carla along the way, reminding me that it's ok if it's not my fastest run or my longest run -- just getting out there is enough. 2 slow miles is better than no miles.

Now that spring is slowly creeping in, here's to more #wycwyc runs with Roni and Carla and more healthy days ahead.

Tell Me: What are you #wycwyc-ing today?

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Welcome to Dietbetters!

Hi All -
I'm back. I was doing pretty well updating my blog at the end of last year - but when I joined a Dietbet at the beginning of the year, I started updating there and not here. Well, I've fixed that. I pulled all my updates from Dietbet and put them into my journal. You'll see some of them are short, some are long, but all reflect where I was on that particular day.

I'm happy to report that thanks in large part to the dietbet, I have lost almost 10 lbs since the beginning of the year! This is the most I've lost since moving to Memphis (and i'm almost down to the weight I was when I moved to Memphis and began eating ALL the barbeque). I'm really happy with my progress and I can't wait to see how things progress.

I've got a 10% loss goal by the end of the 6-month Dietbet (about 25 lbs before June 30) -- but I have my sights set a little higher. I'm turning 30 in May and want to be below 200lbs (for the first time since... elementary school?). That means I have about 40lbs to lose in 3.5 months. It's a stretch, I know. But honestly, I'll just be happy to get close!

Welcome to all that are new to the blog. Please leave a comment to let me know that you're here!